Thursday, 13 November 2014

What next? Talking together about new ideas and next steps for participatory research

On 11th November 2014 we held our final seminar in which we pulled together things that we had learnt and discussed ways of taking our own participatory research forward

Activity Title
Led by
We will talk about the issues raised across the seminar series. Jane will present the project team’s thoughts. We will then invite you to share your ideas and comments.
Jane Seale
 Part 2: Brainstorm
Liz will lead a ‘brainstorm’ session. We would like to create a resource that helps more people get involved in participatory research. We would like to hear your ideas about what would be most useful, and how we could do it.
 Liz Tilley
Part 3: Shared problem-solving
Participants are invited to send ahead 'problems' that are bothering them in relation to doing participatory research. We will select a few for discussion on the day in small groups. This will help us to work through real challenges together and share our ideas so we can all learn.
Melanie Nind

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