Monday, 18 March 2013

Seminar 1: Scoping the Boundaries of participatory research


This first seminar was held on January 10th 2013 at Plymouth University

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Our speakers were asked to introduce seminar participants to the kind(s) of participatory research that they have been involved in and reflect on their experiences in order to draw out what they think the key issues are in advancing the use of participatory research in the future. The presentations reflected on some or all of the following questions:

·         What has been achieved so far with participatory research methods?

·         Where are the tensions and challenges and can they be addressed?

·         Are people with learning disabilities “boxed in” with regards to the kinds of participatory research they are expected or supported to undertake?

·         Are there limits to the participation of people with learning disabilities in research? Who or what influences these limits?

·         Can and should the boundaries of these limitations be pushed?

The audience was a mixture of academics, practitioners, people with learning disabilities and support workers.







Jane Seale, School of Education, Plymouth University

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Jan Walmsley, Visiting Chair, Open University




Carlisle People First research team with Rohhss Chapman, Manchester University





Dorothy Atkinson, Emeritus Professor, The Open University


Gordon Grant, Sheffield Hallam University


Group reflection and discussion of key issues followed by tea/coffee

Group reflection and discussion of key issues followed by tea/coffee


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