Monday, 18 March 2013

Towards equal and active citizenship: pushing the boundaries of participatory research with people with learning disabilities:

This ESRC funded seminar series focuses on participatory research with people with learning disabilities and in particular the challenges related to two complex but relatively under-explored issues in participatory research, that is:

 - involving people with learning disabilities in data analysis;

- involving people with learning disabilities who have high support needs in participatory research

The seminar series has two broad aims. Firstly, to critically examine the unacknowledged or underexplored tensions and challenges to what might be considered full or genuine participation by people with learning disabilities in research. The second aim of the proposed seminar series is to seek to stimulate innovative developments in methods by synthesising the achievements in relation to participatory research methods with people with learning disabilities and acting as a catalyst for thinking and action in the two identified areas needing development.

 Our planned programme is as follows:
Seminar 1: Scoping the Boundaries of participatory research
Venue: Plymouth University,
Convenor: Jane Seale
Date: January 10th 2013

Seminar 2: Participatory data analysis
Venue: University of Manchester
Convenor: Rohhss Chapman
Date: April 23rd 2013

Seminar 3: Participatory Research with people with high support needs
Venue: University of Southampton
Convenor: Melanie Nind
Date: November 28th 2013

Seminar 4: Exploring issues of transfer
Venue: Open University
Convenor: Liz Tilley
Date: April 10th 2014

If you would like to participate in the seminar within the series, please contact who will add your name to the project mailing list and send you details of each seminar. Ten travel bursaries per seminar are available (max £135) for PhD students and people with learning disabilities (and support worker where needed).

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